Ahmadou Jigooru

Ahmadou Jigooru is a herder in Central Mali. As an adolescent he was one of the leader type figures in his nomadic community of Diallube, Fulbe (Fulani/Peul) pastoralists. Later he followed up his father in his position as lineage head. In the past few years he showed his interest in regional/national politics. He became an active advocate for the government party (a stance against the elites who support the opposition). The conflict of 2012, when central Mali was occupied by first the Tuareg ‘rebels’ and later the Jihadist movement MUJAO, meant an important turn in Ahmadou’s life. Some Fulbe joined the MUJAO. The media soon labeled them ‘jihadists’ and they became target in the actions of the Malian police and military. Ahmadou joined the initiative to set up a movement of Fulbe nomads in the region to finally have their voices heard. They feel marginalized and threatened. The insecurity in the region touches their livelihood. Ahmadou is considered a leader in this movement by his people. He was the first of his group to adopt mobile telephony.

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