Voice4Thought team

Voice4Thought is run on a daily basis by a team based in the Netherlands and West – Central Africa. The list of board members and advisory board members can be found here.


Vera Bakker – Photographer & (Visual) Editor and Social Media Coordinator
Mirjam de Bruijn – General Manager
Fiona Dragstra – Thought Coordinator
Maartje van den Eijnden – Independent Bookkeeper
Deuhb Eladjé Emmanuel (Zyzou) – Author and Blog coordinator Chad
Thomas Gesthuizen – Webmaster, coordinator V4TA archive
Didier Lalaye (Croquemort) – Coordinator artistic expressions, project lead Voice4Thought Academy
Moltong Lagardy (Stanley) – Translator
Ibangolo Maina Manga Abel (Maina) – Author, V4T Artist
Laurens Nijzink – Editor / Bridging Humanities
Daniel Okiror – Music coordinator
Bianca Omatuku – Intern Cameroon
Loes Oudenhuijsen
Jasmijn Peeters – PR & fund raising
Margriet Reinders – Administration and operation manager
Sjoerd Sijsma – Film Coordinator
Catherina Wilson – Researcher and co-creator, Central Africa

The team list of the V4TA team in Mali can be found on the V4TAcademie.org website.

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