We aim to reach out to an increasing number of people through our digital platform, providing free, independent and open content. To provide a platform for engaged initiatives and individuals to share their experiences and to collaborate with others within and outside of The Netherlands, in order to facilitate an exchange of information and opinions with those engaged in a socio-political change in other corners of the globe. We aim to provide networking space for individuals, by making them more visible towards the wider audience through the V4T website and the annual festival.

By integrating different forms of knowledge production, we aim to bring the academic and artistic objectives and research results of the V4T network to society at large. We use the biographical method and other ethnographic methodologies in an experimental framework, which involves using visuals to promote an interactive fruition of our projects. With this approach, we aim to elaborate new forms of dissemination of knowledge by the collaboration with cultural organisations, universities and publishing houses to start new initiatives inspired by the V4T philosophy.

To create more possibilities of digital communication by implementing new ways of integrating ICTs as tools for our projects. We embrace the possibilities opened by new technologies and the role of the electronic and the digital in turning our “e-” projects into reality.
To develop innovative initiatives that will have an impact on living conditions of people in developing areas and a clear impact in fostering knowledge production and diffusion in areas where it is difficult to reach.

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