Bamba Aminata, a.k.a. Amee (pronounced Ami) holds an M.A. in Business Law and an M.A. in business taxation.

A multi-talented artist, Amee moved her first steps in the world of art by dancing, drawing and writing poems. When she was 14, she turned to music as a singer. This allowed her to take part in TV broadcasts and contests like “3R Révélation”, where she was awarded the title of  “Révélation RnB” in 2009.

She was introduced to Slam poetry in 2010 by a friend who, after reading her engaged texts, made her listen to the albums of Grand Corps Malade and Abd al Malik. In December 2013 Amee was named one of the ten best slammers in Ivory Coast and, as such, selected for “The Spoken Word Project”, a sub-regional project that finished its tour of African capital cities in Abidjan on the 5th of December 2013. In the aftermath of this project, the Collectif Au Nom Du Slam was born in 2014. This is an association of slammers of which Amee is a founder member and communication manager.

Since 2014 she has taken part in several shows in Abidjan, both with the Collectif and solo. She performed, among many others, in Spoken Word, “Pièces Slamiques”, and public ceremonies. In December 2015 she was also part of the creation of the album of the Collectif, entitled “Au nom du slam”.

A short list of the festivals and public events she took part :

  • Festival de Slam et Humour in Mali (FISH MALI), March 2015
  • EHALAKASA FESTIVAL in Accra (Ghana), September 2015
  • Festival du Gondwana, December 2015
  • Marché des Arts du Spectacle Africain (MASA), 2016, with the Collectif Au Nom et Slam and the poet, writer and slammer Capitaine Alexandre
  • N’Djam S’enflamme en Slam in N’djamena (Chad), 2016.

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