Amélie van den Brink

Amélie van den Brink, World Citizen, Office Manager & Content Manager 

Academic / professional background

I hold a BA in Psychology and Political Science and an MA in (Clinical) Art Therapy from New York University. As a clinician I have worked in Africa, East Asia, the US, and Europe in both the public and private sectors of mental health. I am currently enrolled in a Research Master’s degree in African Studies at Leiden University, where I will conduct a comparative study on the Women’s Movement and the Disability Movement in Sierra Leone, West Africa, to determine the internal and external factors that work (or not) for lobbying and advocacy. I hope to eventually open a research-treatment based clinic in the West Africa region for children with developmental challenges.

What does Voice4Thought mean to you?

I believe that we all have a voice or a story to tell. When expressed in a medium that is easily accessible—be it through art, music, dance, and/or academia, it can transcend meanings, opinions and ideas. A voice for thought makes me rethink my world.


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