Annigje van Dijk

Annigje van Dijk is the author of the MA Thesis ‘Is violence hiding behind bars? Encounters with ‘trauma’ in the fight against alcoholism waged by beneficiaries and staff members of a small detox centre in N’djaména, Chad‘. Annigje van Dijk is a first-year research master student Cultural Anthropology at Utrecht University. In 2014 she completed her bachelors in Neuroscience and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam. She is trying to combine these interests in different ways. After a gap year (in which she did a part-time internship for the International Institute for Communication and Development) and an, maybe fortunately, unsuccessful attempt to apply for a masters in neuroscience, she decided last-minute to enrol in the MA Conflict Studies and Human Rights at Utrecht University. For this program she did ethnographic research in N’Djamena, Chad, on alcoholism, trauma and on how narratives did and did not connect these two phenomena. Annigje is currently preparing a research on psychiatric practice and the use of psychopharmaceuticals in West-Africa.

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