Bernadicta Mukalla Neng, feminist avant la lettre

This is the story of Bernadicta’s life as a Voice4Thought. She is one of these rare African women who have been fighting for women’s rights from early independence in the 1960s, when Feminism was still to be discovered in her country, Cameroon.
In this interview she looked back on her life as a fighter for women’s rights.
She passed away a month after we interviewed her. Despite the sometimes impossible fight, Benedicta kept her promise of being an activist for women’s liberation until the end of her life. ‘We have come out to be liberated, not to oppress the men… We were still housewives, noble housewives and we still do our noble work. In each speech I included that.’


Bernadicta Mukalla Neng, feminist avant la lettre from Connecting in Times of Duress on Vimeo.

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