Catherina Wilson

Researcher & Writer
From Belgium/Colombia

Academic / professional background

My parents come from different continents, so I am half-half, mixed, never fully at home in one country, but able to adapt to different cultures and fit in many places. I like learning and speaking different languages. I hold a PhD in African History from Leiden University. I am fund of doing research and enjoy teaching. I am an multidisciplinary scholar who writes and teaches on issues dealing with mobility, migration, refuge, identity processes, creative methodologies, urban popular culture and youth language in Central and East Africa.

What does Voice4Thought mean to you?

A space where academia (research) and art meet. A springboard for opportunities and methodological experimentation.

Research is a state of mind. Through research, travelling, curiosity and meaning connect. More than a collection of data, research is a chain of meaningful encounters. One can never conduct research alone. That is why I am interested in co-creation and alternative research methodologies. I like to believe academia is changing to be more inclusive of the knowledge produced outside university. The role of researchers is changing and this is why platforms such as V4T are important. Herein researchers become knowledge facilitators who create bridges across different audiences. Researchers need to stand side by side other knowledge creators and get involved in creative, engaged, critical and social practices outside university.


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