Contract signed!

Mirjam de Bruijn, Harm Duiker, Didier Lalaye. © Voice4Thought

We signed our contract for the Voice4Thought Academy with SNV in Mali! We proudly share this photo with Harm Duiker, Country Director of SNV.

Over the past weeks, the Voice4Thought Academy team in Mali has successfully been recruited. The main office in Bamako has also been set up from where Didier Lalaye will be working with the teams in the regions. Very soon, part of the Voice4Thought team in the Netherlands will head to Bamako to start the workshops for the trainers to get them more acquainted with the program and teach them the skills they will be teaching their students in their own regions (Bankass, Bougouni, Douentza, Macina). These workshops will focus on qualitative research skills: ethnography, photography and film, and how to work on the digital data archive that is part of the Voice4Thought Academy. Partner Upinion takes up the part of accumulating quantitative data through social media channels together with our Academy participants.

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