Dissenting Voices: Challenging the colonial system

Can collaboration between academia, journalism and the arts lead to new perspectives on the Dutch colonial past? We invite you to read, watch and listen to the latest Bridging Humanities publication  ‘Dissenting Voices: Challenging the colonial system’ , a co-production between historian Maartje Janse, research journalist Anne-Lot Hoek, musician Ernst Jansz and V4T members Sjoerd Sijsma and Kim De Vries.

The publication aims to explore how critical thinking regarding the colonial context in the Dutch East Indies (current Indonesia) has evolved by analyzing various ‘forgotten’ voices of protest. The authors question mainstream historical narratives and argue for an anti-colonial tradition of protest. The publication includes artistic contributions and suggests ways forward for research, also in relation to Dutch state sponsored project ‘Independence, decolonization, violence and war, Indonesia 1945-1950’ that is carried out by the KITLV, NIOD, and NIMH.

Bridging Humanities is a new academic publishing platform in the field of digital humanities that was initiated by Voice4Thought in collaboration with Brill Publishing and LeidenASA (African Studies Centre Leiden University). Aiming for a new mode of knowledge production, the platform experiments with digital methods and academic-artistic co-creation. For comments and suggestions on developing new publications, contact us at: info@bridginghumanities.com.

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