Entre le micro et le bistouri, je n’ai pas encore choisi…

Still hesitating to become a doctor, employed by the state, Didier is searching between his vocation as a doctor, an entrepreneur and a musician. Is it because after all he does not really want to serve the Chadian State, or should he do it and have his part of the oil money? Today Chad has no money, the deficit is due to malversations of the elites… an ever frustrating situation that seems very hard to change. Frustrations that are experienced every day and do not diminish the ‘colère’, that is also fed into discussions about Boko Haram that increasingly touches Chad; in this new period in World History the colonial divisions become ever more to the fore again, and the arrogance of the Western world, be it a conscious attitude or not are clearly informing the ‘colère’ of the young man like Croquemort/Didier Lalaye.




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