Example: Youth with disabilities in Sierra Leone

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**Disclaimer: this project is displayed in this form for educational purposes. The original and only official version of this project can be found here** 

This photo project from Emma frobisher, at the time a MA Developnt student,  offers a striking, personal insight into the living realities of these young people, drawing attention to what it means to have a disability in Sierra Leone.


  1. Participative photography: the project
  2. The photographers and the photographs
  3. Discussion
  4. References


Emma Frobisher holds a Master’s degree in Development, with a major in Social Policy for Development, from the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) of Erasmus University Rotterdam, from which she graduated in December 2016. For this project she did field research in Sierra Leone, where she worked on the Breaking down Barriers project. She currently works for the African Studies Centres. She previously worked at the global health NGO, Malaria Consortium, in London. She has held various voluntary NGO positions including in Peru and in Malaysia.


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