Exhibition Radicalisation: a range of defiance

Venue: Scheltema Expo 1, Marktsteeg 1, Leiden
Date: Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September 2017

The third edition of the Voice4Thought (V4T) festival will this year be opened during the exhibition “Radicalisation: a range of defiance” in Scheltema, Leiden. The opening takes places on Saturday September 23rd at 14:00 with a welcoming by Professor Mirjam de Bruijn and Zoe Kate Reddy, curator of the exhibition. Immediately after the arts performances take over, with amongst others a lively slam and a dance performance.

V4T organises the exhibition ‘Radicalisation: a range of defiance’ as part of the Kunstroute Leiden 2017 (23-24 September) in Scheltema. The desire for change has sparked movements both subtle and extreme; it can come from a place of fear or a place of hope. When we think of radicalisation, particularly in today’s social and political climate, we think of extreme actions measured in degrees of violence and aggression. But radicalisation is far more nuanced than this and presents itself in many forms.

Participating artists of the exhibition are Sonja van Kerkhoff, Jacco Weener, Anastasia Pirvu, Inge Reisberman and Michiel Keller, Sapin Makengele and Zoe Kate Reddy. Through use of various media (photography, paintings, film and installations) the exposition shows a broad vision of the theme. V4T works together with foundation Peen and Ui, a well-known artist-initiative in Leiden.

The entrance is free.
The exhibition is part of the V4T festival Leiden. More info about the festival can be found here.

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