Film screening ‘Stranded in Canton’

Film screening ‘Stranded in Canton’

As part of the Voice4Thought festival, the ASCL organizes a film screening of ‘Stranded in Canton’.

Lebrun is a new player on the burgeoning Chinese-African trade route, brokering in Guangzhou an enormous order for Congolese presidential campaign t-shirts. But he gets stung when the order is held up in production until months after the election.  Instead of returning to Kinshasa a rich man with a bright future, he remains in limbo in Guangzhou, facing nothing but mounting debts for warehousing the useless garments.  Inspired by the success of fellow Africans on the field and determined not to return to the farm, Lebrun develops a plan to repurpose the t-shirts and sell them to the opposition for the 2016 elections.
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Original title: Nakangami na Guangzhou
Director: Mans Mansson
Year: 2014
Length: 77 minutes
Language: French, with English subtitles

In addition to the film, Lieve Joris will be reading a few pages from her book Op de vleugels van de draak.

The programme is as follows:
19.00: welcome with coffee/tea
19.30: welcoming address by Ton Dietz, ASCL director
19.40: Lieve Joris will read from her book Op de vleugels van de draak (in Dutch)
20.00: film screening ‘Stranded in Canton’
21.30: comments by Ms Yu Qiu (tbc), visiting fellow IIAS/ASCL, and time for some questions/answers
21.45: drinks and networking
22.30: end of evening

Entrance: € 5,- for regular visitors / € 3,- for students, juniors and senior citizens.

Read the route description from Leiden Centraal to the venue.

Date, time and location

22 September 2016


19.00 – 22.30


De Nieuwe Energie, 3e Binnenvestgracht 23, Leiden, a 10-minute walk from Leiden Centraal


Lumière zaal

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