Hamid stresses his orphanhood. His father’s family provided the chief of the Daadjo one of the largest Muslim groups in the Guera, central Chad. Being an orphan and a chief’s son has defined his life. It has turned him into a very decided and discrete person with a clear destination in his life: doing good for ‘his’ people, who had suffered a lot during the various wars and oppression since independence. He took all chances offered to him. Being an intelligent child he was picked up by the Catholic brothers as their beloved pupil. But at the end of his school career his fervent wish to become a doctor was not possible. He continued working with the missionaries and became a development agent.  He worked for several NGOs in his region and developed also his own development organisation. At the side he started a Koranic school for deprived children. A few years ago he entered politics. He had gained a lot of support in the Guera through his work and was elected as a member of the opposition in the government. Being a parliamentarian now he tries his best, but being critical of the authoritarian regime in Chad brings his life in danger. His ideal is that being a politician will also help to improve the life of ‘his’ people in the Guera.

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