Hope(less)? Biographies of radicalization

Now available on the V4T website: a pre-screening of Hope(less)? Biographies of radicalization

Click here to watch the film – contact us to request the password.

In this film, produced by Voice4Thought, we follow two researchers who, on their turn, follow people who live(d) through long periods of violence, conflict and hardship in Chad and Mali. The stories they encounter are stories of lost hopes, of feelings of being misunderstood, and of radicalization in multiple ways. The two stories of the researchers show how working on such stories also influences their positions, and finally radicalizes their positions.

This film tells the story of the process of radicalization. However, it is mostly a reflection on this process, and how it is an almost inevitable outcome of an unjust world. It raises questions such as: Is it possible to keep distance from the stories when you study them? How do you reflect on the suffering you see? And how does this  influence their work and the decisions they take? What do these stories tell us about political interventions in radicalization processes?

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