Inge Reisberman & Michiel Keller

Inge Reisberman and Michiel Keller are two of the participating artists in the exhibition ‘Radicalisation: a range of defiance’, in collaboration with Kunstroute Leiden, on 23 and 24 September 2017 during V4T@Leiden.

Inge Reisberman & Michiel Keller
Full HD video, duration: 9.20 min.

In a couple of decades the digital world has been exploded in all segments of the private and public domain, in art, science and communication.

In the real and digital world all behaviour is coded. In DIALOGUE#1 we aim to show what’s a decoded contact is like, based on intuition, instinct, curiosity, scanning, liking or disliking each other.

Emotions and gut feelings usually are the starting point in ways of thinking, ideas and making decisions. All together this sometimes may end in radical and manipulative directions.

About the makers:

Both makers are based in the Netherlands. They found each other in this Dialogue videoproject. They both like to work with slowmotion and stop motion techniques, looking for alienating abstractions. This leads to a close and detailed look and feel. The sound contributes in an important way to this intimate experience.

Michiel Keller (1974) is inspired by people and mysteries. He creates photo and film installations and videowork as part of performances.

The artwork of Inge Reisberman (1959) covers the field of lens-based digitals, video and video installations. In longshots she brings storytelling and abstraction together in a conceptual and sensory way.

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