Originally from Chad, Juliette (mid 40s) has been living in Bangui, Central African Republic (CAR), for nearly two decennia. At the time she left her country, she had not much more than the clothes she was wearing and a couple of weaving threads to make bags in order to support herself. Despite this modest start, she managed to obtain a diploma in sociology from the University of Bangui a couple of years down the road. Juliette has witnessed many of CAR’s crisis moments: the mutinies during Patassé’s last years in the late nineties, Bozizé’s coup d’etat in 2003, Seleka’s coup d’etat in 2013, nevertheless, she has never left Bangui for good. In recent years, Juliette has found a stable job that allows her to take care of her two daughters, but also of a bunch of other young people. Juliette actively contributes to the studying aspirations of several Chadians who would otherwise not be able to afford university. She helps them financially but also morally. It is in some way a philosophy of life, whereby she places great value on curiosity and knowledge as goals in and for themselves.

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