Kick-off Voice4Thought Academy in Bamako

The first week of training of the Voice4Thought Academy in Bamako have been very successful!
Trainers, coordinators, members of the Voice4thought team the Netherlands, and partners Upinion, Agoratoire and Odyssee, spent the days getting to know each other, talking about the organization and content of the V4TA program and trained the recruited coordinators and trainers in Research, Audi-Visual, Social Media and Archiving technics.

Innovation is key to influence social change. In the Voice4Thought Academy we develop a model to give voice to people who have the right to be part of decision making about them.

We thank all the enthusiastic and energetic trainers and coordinators who are driven to make this project a success!

Follow our journey here through some images.

The team bonding together over a playful exercise on how teamwork works: leadership, planning, sharing ideas, feeling to be heard and understood and having fun. © Voice4Thought.

Starting with getting acquainted with the technologies that will be used. © Voice4Thought.

© Voice4Thought.

Modibo discussing the history and background of conflicts in the regions. © Voice4Thought.

Trainers Modibo from Odyssee and Patrick from Upinion exchanging their training experiences. They are very happy with the very motivated and committed trainees which make their work so interesting. © Voice4Thought.

One of the V4TA team in The Netherlands, explaining in one picture the organizational and management aspects of the V4TAcademy project. © Voice4Thought.

How to use the mobile phone: making pictures and messages. © Voice4Thought.

© Voice4Thought.

© Voice4Thought.

A participant filming the workshop. Video is an important technology for our data collection and dissemination and sharing of experiences. Many of the participants shared their experiences of this week on their personal and professional social media. © Voice4Thought.

© Voice4Thought.

© Voice4Thought.

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