Maartje van den Eijnden

Independent Bookkeeper
From The Netherlands

Academic / professional background

I hold a MVE (MBO) diploma in administration, practical training in bookkeeping, and a HVE (HBO) diploma in Modern Business Administration and Legal Secretaries. Before becoming an independent bookkeeper I have worked at the Vereniging van Nederlandse Gemeenten and at a law firm, where I assisted in resolving legal issues. In the 90s I was co-founder of a foundation in Tanzania with which we realized, among other things, a school for orphans and educational programs for women to support themselves in their livelihood. My current customer base as an independent bookkeeper consists mainly of organizations and companies that are committed to social welfare issues. At V4T I am also involved in setting up the Study Fund.

What does Voice4Thought mean to you?

To me, Voice4Thought stands for development, connection and expression. Both similarities and differences in the world become


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