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Health post in Torro

After his last concert in Pala (in 2013) he discovered his ‘home’ region anew and was shocked by its poverty and need for development. Being a medical doctor, he decided to write a project on Bilharzia, a parasitic disease that causes several deaths among children in the region. The project uses mobile health techniques to decentralize the health sector in the region around Torrock, speeding the process of diagnosis and making treatment more effective.


The project “mobile health” was developed with the funding of Reach for Change, a Swedish NGO, and the phone company TIGO This project brought him to reflect on the possibilities to write a research project and try to deepen his knowledge about m-health. The project is part of the association of which Didier Lalaye is a founding member, Chad+ that wants to develop with the help of the possibilities offered by the digital.





New! Interview with Didier Lalaye on the m-health project, mission and goals on TV5 Monde Afrique.
Follow this link to know more and donate to help making this project a reality!



Read more on the Mobile health project:

Detailed description of the project 1 (pdf)

Detailed description of the project 2 (pdf)

Reach for Change 2015 report (pdf)

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