Oussama el Khairi

From Morocco

Academic / professional background

I hold a BA in Communication Studies with a concentration in Mass Media Production from Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane. For my Bachelor thesis, I directed and produced The Forgotten War as part of an in-field journalism work in The Central African Republic. Currently, I am following a MA in African Studies at Leiden University and training at Al Jazeera Media Institute simultaneously. Besides, I am an independent filmmaker and journalist interested in North and Central Africa.

What does Voice4Thought mean to you?

As we live in the information era, an acceleration of geopolitical twists and rapid developments of new technologies can be observed. That’s why I see Voice4Thought as a platform that gives the voiceless the freedom to contribute to writing their history through art, driven by creativity and innovation.

Contact: oussama@voice4thought.org

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