Enmeshed in the V4T methodology that combines artistic creativity and critical thinking, VozPa’Colombia (Voice4Colombia) is the first V4T Academy in South America. VozPa’Colombia shares grassroots alternative stories collected by members of the community that do not easily reach the international media.

These stories touch upon social inequality and violence, but they also deal with environmental activism, empowerment of women, music and cultural identity. VozPa’Colombia consists of two antennes: Sibaté, a small mountainous town with a Muisca (indigenous) legacy on the outskirts of Bogotá, and Palenque de Biokos, Colombia’s first free African town on the Caribbean coast. By weaving together stories from Sibaté and Palenque, VozPa’Colombia creates bridges between Colombian women from different backgrounds and locations. Ultimately, it creates bridges between continents.

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