Salma Khalil Alio

April 2015, Institut Français du Tchad. Salma, surrounded by students, is signing a book during the launch of a collection of short stories to which she contributed with a story called “Périple sur la Reine du Guera” (“Journey on the Queen of the Guera”).

Salma is actively participating in the cultural scene in N’djamena. She is an extremely versatile artist, working with plastic arts, photography, graphics and literature. The trait-d’union between her diverse interests is the desire to narrate her country, Chad.

Inspired by the tales of her mother and by the commitment to justice of her father, the memories of her roots emerge in her art in an innovative shape. Her art talks about Chadian society and daily life, but also injustices and bad governance, especially through intense portraits of women in “dire straits”.

By combining tradition and innovation, art encounters social commitment, becoming a tool of education and empowerment for women and children.

Salma’s art has a lot to say about her country – its beauty and its suffering, its huge potential and its contradictions – inviting us to dig into it to discover Chad in its most intense and vibrant shape.

Have a look at Salma’s biography here. Through an overview of her story, the website will guide you more in depth in themes that emerge from her life experience, related both to her art and to her country, Chad.



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