Short film: Nit Nitay Garabam (Man is man’s remedy)

The film Nit Nit Nitay Garabam (Man is Man’s Remedy), screened during the V4T@Dakar Meetings, is a short journey to the origins of living together. It questions all levels of society and in particular highlights solutions found at the local level to reduce social tensions that may arise in the suburbs. In Senegal, we can refer to joking cousins, Islamic-Catholic dialogue or brotherly diversity and coexistence. These cultural practices, which are deeply rooted in the Senegalese suburbs, constitute a kind of potential barrier to the development of religious radicalism.

Understanding the phenomenon of radicalization actually requires both the study of western suburbs and the study of African suburbs. Problems arise in different ways depending on the countries and conditions of the people concerned. It may, for example, arise from the frustration felt by people trapped in a country or social condition.


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