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Voice4Thought provides a platform where diverse voices from around the world can participate in building an inclusive debate and critical knowledge on contemporary and current social, political and economic issues. These voices are often actors in long-term, unseen, unrecognised, forgotten or silenced social and political processes of change in their countries of origin/home countries. As a platform, we offer them a place to make themselves heard.

The fund

In order to develop their voice, education is necessary. Gaining knowledge through education is important in order to enlarge and deepen one’s own world. In the years that Voice4Thought has been active as a foundation, we have noticed that there is an enormous need among young people to continue their education. We have helped countless young people on their way by being part of our platform. However, sometimes a formal education is necessary for further development, and that is what this study fund is for.

The Voice4Thought scholarship fund offers support to motivated people who want to increase their knowledge but do not have the means to realise their ambition. They can apply.

For whom

Voice4Thought believes in sustainable relationships. This means that we want to support people who we have built up personal bonds with. We find it important that we know their motivation, ambitions and needs, and that there is mutual trust.
We consider it very important that young people who make use of our study fund maintain their autonomy and determine the content and direction of their study programme. We will guide them in this process.

After finishing studies

We also offer the possibility of future cooperation. We continue to follow the young people after they have completed their studies. Furthermore, we encourage future cooperation. As a foundation, we believe in mutually strengthening through co-creation. Through continuous exchanges and connections, we learn to understand the world from a critical perspective.

How you can contribute

A number of young people have already expressed their interest in benefiting from our study fund. They have been involved in our platform directly and indirectly for a long time. Below you can read the stories of Godwill and Zyzou.

You can join us in helping these driven people in their talent development by contributing to our study fund. You can do so by transferring a one-off amount to bank account number NL04 RABO 0309 9955 90 in the name of Stichting Voice4Thought, stating ‘donation study fund’.

If you would like to support the study fund for a longer period of time then it might be interesting for you to see if a periodic donation is fiscally more attractive. Please contact to look at the possibilities together.

The Voice4Thought Foundation has an ANBI status. You can therefore include your donation as a deduction in your tax return. For more information about this, we refer you to the website of the tax authorities.

Godwill (Cameroon)

Godwill is incredibly motivated to continue learning and growing. In 2016, a conflict broke out in the region of Cameroon where he resides. This brought his life to a standstill and there seemed to be no prospect of further education. Now, the situation in the region has calmed down again and Godwill has been able to pick up his life with our help. We support him with a small scholarship to study Human Resource Management at the University of Science and Technology in Bamenda. Godwill also coordinates our Cameroon Education project, with which we support orphans in their education.

Zyzou (Chad)

Zyzou is an enthusiastic young researcher who has set up his own journalistic platform and regularly publishes his articles on our website. He primarily writes about socio-political issues in his home country Chad. Zyzou wants to follow an online programme on investigative journalism in Paris to further develop his journalistic skills.


You can use the contact form to share your interest in applying to the fund. We will get back to you as soon as possible to let you know whether you are eligible, and what we need from you.


Before applying, make sure you read the guidelines.

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