Voice4Thought festival 2016: “People in Motion”

21-25 September 2016

Poster Festival People in motionAfter last year’s successful edition, Voice4Thought is back with its second annual festival. This year’s theme is ‘People in Motion’.

In the Netherlands and in Europe, many of the migrants’ liberties are clipped and they have to abide by the political choices which are made about their lives, living in an in-between ‘state’ in which they can’t express themselves. By giving resonance to the voices of refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and travellers, V4T wants to create a platform for dialogue upon what mobility and migration mean in this days and age. For five days artists, scientists and journalists will collaborate to animate Leiden with music, film, modern dance, visual arts, workshops, panel discussions and debates. All of them are ‘people in motion’ – refugee, migrant or traveller – and together they will create a voice to explain what it means to be ‘in motion’ in our current times.

Submerge yourself in the world of Voice4Thought by joining the academic discussion or the movie-night organised by the African Studies Centre Leiden, or enjoying modern dance and concerts with diverse (inter)national artists in co-production with the record label Antilounge from The Hague. In the Kunstroute Leiden, an art exposition will give you a unique view on the theme of the festival. You will also have the possibility to learn and interact in one of our workshops, like the blogworkshop and the workshop for high school students in collaboration with Leiden Global. Scheltema, Rijksmuseum van Oudheden (RMO), Lumière Hall in the Nieuwe Energie and the Lipsius building of the University of Leiden will be the decor of the festival.

Stay tuned to know more about the side activities of the Festival and the Voice4Thought project. More information will follow soon!

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