Voice4Thought welcomes the new online publication Bridging Humanities

The Voice4Thought Foundation, LeidenASA, and the Brill publisher are pleased to announce the launch of the new online publication Bridging Humanities.

Bridging Humanities a peer-reviewed and academically recognised publication that aims to promote a methodology of knowledge production that integrates the use of digital sources in research. Bridging Humanities acknowledges the endless possibilities opened up by the introduction of the digital in the fields of humanities and social sciences, and aims to create an interdisciplinary platform for researchers to elaborate an interactive methodology for creating and sharing knowledge.

Bridging Humanities’ projects are realised following academic guidelines and are published online and in open access. The first issue of the publication Croquemort. A biographical journey in the context of Chad is already online!

If you are interested in our work, read more and find out how to submit in our protocol for publications (PDF).
For more info: info@bridginghumanities.nl

To find more info on our projects and how to submit, visit the official website of Bridging Humanities here.



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