Yaya Sarria, Chadian dancer

Yaya Sarria is a contemporary dancer and choreographer from Chad, and the artistic director of the Dance Festival Souar souar in N’djamena. He took part in the V4T Festival – People in Motion with an outstanding performance at the Opening of the Festival. In the subjective setting of the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden he danced in a piece inspired by the Peul, the nomadic people of the Sahel.

This dance is part of Yaya Sarria’s work of re-interpretation of traditional African dances in the frame of contemporary dance. But he is also working in social projects that use culture to promote the education and autonomy of youngsters in N’djamena.

Listen to the interview to Yaya Sarria by Abel Maina from Yadari Info!


“J’appelle tous les musiciens tchadiens de bosser! Les comédiens, les artistes, même les danseurs. Il faut qu’on bosse pour réussir ce pays parcequ’on a toujours des mauvaises images. Les gents pensent que le Tchad est un pays de guerre, mais c’est pas un pays de guerre. C’est un pays qu’on essaye de pousser les choses. Je demande à mes compatriotes de diaspora et les locaux… c’est un pays d’amour et il faut qu’on essaye de bouger ce pays.”

“I turn to all Chadian musician to ask them to work hard! Comedians, artists, dancers. We have to work hard to make this country succeed, because there are always such negatives images about it. People think that Chad is a country of war. But it is not a country of war, is a country that we are trying to put on the move. I ask to my compatriots of the diaspora and living in Chad… It is a country of love and we have to try to put it on the move”

Yaya Sarria, interview with Abel Maina at the V4T Festival


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