Double hip surgery for Adamou

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Our friend and colleague Adamou is a young man of 37 who is working since 2012 on a PhD thesis on refugees from the Central African Republic in Cameroon. Between 2012 and 2016 he spent several longer periods of time in The Netherlands in order to work on his thesis at the University of Leiden. In the last few years he has paid a couple of visits to The Netherlands in order to complete his writing in peace and quiet. The most recent visit, from the beginning of December 2018, should have last for a few weeks, he had managed to come on a short-stay visa. He was supposed to fly back to Cameroon to join his family just after New Year. Unfortunately, Adamou could not return home in January and is now in uncertainty and pain waiting for urgent medical help.

Adamou arrived in The Netherlands with a little pain in his hips. When the pain grew, surprisingly, more and more severe, making it harder for him to sleep, he decided to pay a visit to the doctor. The family doctor did not immediately worry much, but referred him to the hospital nevertheless. It turned out that the situation was much serious than expected. His hips were badly worn-out and the doctors advised they had to be replaced as soon as possible. A double hip operation is necessary to literally get Adamou back on his feet.

In early January Adamou was to be taken in at a clinic that would perform the operation quickly. Because his visa was about to expire, an extension procedure was immediately started through which Adamou would be allowed to stay in The Netherlands during his medical treatment. Despite the fact that it may take months for the Dutch Immigration Office to decide on his request, there was good hope: Adamou was insured for medical expenses during his stay in The Netherlands. The operation could therefore be planned fairly quickly, so that he could return home in no time. But unfortunately, a week or so later the big disappointment followed: the insurance company refused to pay for the operation! This was a slap in his face!

The operation costs no less than 10,000 euros per hip. An awfully large amount! In Cameroon, family, friends and colleagues of Adamou have managed to collect enough money to replace one hip. Through this crowdfunding, we are now trying to collect enough money for the second hip. If Adamou can pay for the operation himself, he will no longer be dependent on insurance company and other organizations that may or may not help him. The clinic can then help him immediately.

Adamou would like to go back home, to his wife and children in Cameroon. His five-year-old son has been asking for weeks when daddy will come back. We started this crowdfunding so we can show that Adamou is not alone. We do not want to wait tacitly. We hope that together we can collect this enormous amount of money so that the operation takes place as soon as possible in order for Adamou to feel well so that he can focus again on his family and his writing!

Do you also want to help? Every euro, and unfortunately every day, too, counts.

If you hold a Dutch bank account, the easiest way to contribute is by paying via IDEAL using the form below. For this we use Mollie, a secure and widely used payment provider. Your payment is to Mollie, and they immediately forward the donation to Voice4thought.

You can also transfer money directly to bank account of Stichting Voice4Thought: NL04 RABO 0309995590. Please mention ‘Adamou’ in the comments field.

If you want to send a donation from abroad, you can use these additional bank details:
Bank: Rabobank, Croeselaan 18, 3521 CB Utrecht, The Netherlands
Account holder: Stichting Voice4Thought, Valkstraat 31bis 3514 TH Utrecht The Netherlands

If you want to know more, you are welcome to call or app Roos Keja on +31 (0)6 – 4516 0225.

A wonderful day,

Friends and (former) colleagues of Adamou

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