The Bloggers Association Chad (Association des Blogueurs au Tchad) and Voice4Thought initiated Tchadoblog: Telling the story of Chad differently. The project aims to promote blogging and depolarizing the narrative in Chad, offering an alternative to the so-called ‘bad buzz’ publications – sensational reports often based on ‘fake news’ circulating on social media, but also in traditional media and the public domain.

Workshops on writing in depolarizing ways were held in N’djamena, with follow-ups online.

Read a blog post about the project here, and this article, produced within the Tchadoblog project, about 2Kπ, a viral concept popular among students in Chad.

Tchadoblog has come to an end, and from this has emerged Le Bon Buzz project. Also a project to promote blogging that constitute a counter narrative, both in the way we report and tell our stories, and in the choice of subject matter, again with the mission to depolorize the narrative.


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