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Bon Buzz

Socratic dialogue, free writing, drawing each other’s faces, blindly observing what is going on around you in a bustling street...

Voice4Thought Academy Mali

The Voice4Thought Academy (V4TA) brings together different forms of knowledge to enhance voices and facilitate co-creation and co-learning. Through a...

Bridging Humanities

Bridging Humanities is an open access, peer reviewed, interdisciplinary and multi-area platform, that allows a working place to publish digital...

Africa Cup of Slam Poetry

The Africa Cup of Slam Poetry (ACSP) is a Pan-Africanist event that brings together artistic talent from Africa and globally...

Decoding Digital Media

DDMAC (Decoding Digital Media in African regions of Conflict) is an interdisciplinary research project that started in 2022. The project...


December 1, 2023
  • Linda van Putten
  • Posted by Linda van Putten
November 24, 2023
  • Catherina Wilson
  • Posted by Catherina Wilson

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